Careful selection, local pride

We only use the ingredients that we take pride in

Top seasonal materials take you through the seasons
All the fresh dishes are impeccable fine works

From the best farms, ports, and fields across the island
Every ingredient from a town
Takes pride in its origin
Each represents a rare and precious flavor of its own
And countless efforts behind it

Brand collaboration / Taiwan’s Artisan gather together in A Joy

Whole heartily pursuing almost perfect presentation of appetizing
So we bring top artisans who fulfill body and soul to gourmet dish hand in hand

Show up the coffee aroma by world champion
And Formosa tea art with beautiful wine tasty essence
Boutique-like desserts and seasonal ice cream
All made by masters with full heart

While immersing in mouth-watering flow
You can touch the sense of dreamingly happiness by a bite

Seafood Section

Japanese Section

Salad Bar

Grill Section

Teppanyaki Section

Oriental Section

Dessert Section

Drink Bar

Seafood Section
Sea Vibe

An extensive selection of freshest seafood of the season

Enjoy a feast of the sea
The seasonal and well-cooked seafood
Treasures from Taiwan and the world
Each incredible dish is set to win your heart

As seasons change
We keep bringing you the best of each season
From sparkling shrimp, crabs, clams, and raw food items
To live oysters directly delivered to your table
Join the celebration of the sea
As waves of freshness hit you again and again

Drink Bar
Japanese Section
Japanese Section
Sea Vibe

Distinguished flavors of Japanese craftsmanship

From specially prepared nigari to flame-seared ones
Our sushi is made with heart

An integration of freshness and exclusive local ingredients
When choice seafood meets quality rice
Along with aged soy sauce and freshly ground wasabi
They play a beautiful symphony that awakens your soul

A fusion of dream cuisine and unimaginable creativity
Boasts the gourmet food that makes you smile

Seafood Section
Salad Bar
Salad Bar
Sea Vibe

Bringing the world to your table

The feast starts with luxurious appetizers
When freshly cut robust Iberico ham
Collides with aromatic Taiwanese fruit
The collision of flavors is like a kaleidoscope

From classic cheese board to exquisite Western starters
They are so tasty and attractive
Via the local eco-friendly farming
Vegetables delivered straight from the source are always fresh

Let’s enjoy the amazing delicacies from across the world

Japanese Section
Grill Section
Grill Section
Country Vibe

A new height of grilled and deep-fried deliciousness
Passion is simply our best hospitality

We put the highest-quality meat and seafood on the grill
So you can taste their true flavors
Time to try a real BBQ

Creative deep-fried dishes are mixed with Taiwanese elements
Bringing a whole new feeling to your five senses
As if you’re at a carnival
An unusal experience that is incomparable

Salad Bar
Teppanyaki Section
Teppanyaki Section
Country Vibe

Natural yet sophisticated European teppanyaki cuisine

As the glamorous griddle turns into a shiny stage
Our superstars: aged beef ribs, live lobsters, and abalones
Radiate with charm on the stage

Premium steaks and European cuisine
Fully complement your elegance perfectly
As if walking into a movie scene
Where everything is so tasteful and fascinating

Grill Section
Oriental Section
Oriental Section
City Vibe

A feast of famous Taiwanese dishes

Authentic local flavors: magnificent and inclusive
A fusion of major Chinese cuisines
And the island’s unlimited cooking creativity

From roast ducks, warming stews, and dim sums
To high-end hotpots and diverse street food
They have transformed into the new classic dishes

The greatest food just for the greatest gatherings

Teppanyaki Section
Dessert Section
Dessert Section
City Vibe

A craze for fruit and sweets

Our dessert bakers and tea experts
Present you with the most alluring selections
Chocolate ganache with Taiwanese features is like edible gems
And you can't afford to miss the wonderful tea

Treasures from the “Kingdom of Fruit”
And premium ice cream are also waiting for you

As you fall in love with our dessert bar
There’s no need to make choices
'Cause you can have them all
And only need to decide the order of eating

Oriental Section
Drink Bar
Drink Bar
City Vibe

Time for some coffee and drinks

Our drink bar has everything you desire
You can enjoy your coffee leisurely and carefree
As it leads you to a relaxing spring afternoon

You can also try the alcoholic beverages with Taiwanese features
Just take a sip
Of the limited Formosan gin special
Or drink the locally brewed craft beer freely

Swirl your glass of wine as the night falls
While overlooking another face of Taiwan
What a glorious urban night view

Dessert Section
Seafood Section